• Bernardo Silva encourages Benfica to elect a new club president
  • Coach Jorge Jesus retaliates by calling Silva “ungrateful”
  • Jesus recalls the drama that led to the release of Silva from the club

Bernardo Silva’s comments regarding this week’s Benfica presidential elections did not sit well with the club’s current manager Jorge Jesus.

The veteran Portuguese coach was disappointed with how Silva’s social media post praised incumbent Luís Filipe Vieira but claimed Benfica is in dire need of change, per Goal's report.

"For many years, I never wanted to talk about Bernardo Silva because he also messed with me for many years. It's okay with me," Jesus said at a press conference.

"Now with the club president who helped him grow, who continues to provide great conditions for young people to go out to better clubs, as is the case with him. It is very ungrateful."

Silva started as a member of Benfica’s under-15 squad in 2007, and he was eventually promoted to the first team in 2014.

Although he was limited to only three appearances with the Eagles, his star shined the brightest during his time with Monaco and Manchester City.

"There are many defects that a man can have, but the worst thing is to be ungrateful. You can have a different idea, but you can't be ungrateful,” Benfica’s head honcho stated.

Jesus revealed that he was the one responsible for enlisting Silva a few years ago. But the friction started between the two when the Portuguese implored getting more minutes on the pitch.

This led to a back-and-forth drama between Silva and the club, prompting both parties to sever ties with one another.

"After all these years, I’m telling you because he was ungrateful to the president of Benfica. I didn't know how to make up for what Benfica and what the president did for him," Jesus stressed.

Silva remains as one of Manchester City's go-to scorers. He has played for the Sky Blues in 162 games, where he has hauled 30 goals to go along with 35 assists.

In demand: Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva signs autographs in Shanghai
In demand: Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva signs autographs in Shanghai AFP / HECTOR RETAMAL