• Two Brazilian politicians squared off inside the cage to settle a controversial issue
  • The mayor was declared the winner, but most felt it was his opponent who should have won
  • The actual issue for holding the fight is still unresolved

Things got heated between two Brazilian political figures, and to finally settle it, both agreed to meet in an actual mixed martial arts (MMA) fight.

The encounter was a three-round affair that happened on Sunday, December 12.

The 39-year-old mayor, Simao Peixoto, faced 45-year-old ex-councilor Erineu Alves Da Silva.

According to Vice, the two had been feuding about a waterpark project. Each had taken swipes at each other via the local press and social media for several months.

Silva had already challenged Peixoto as early as September to a fistfight, and the 39-year-old mayor agreed to the clash but only if it was properly organized and held inside the cage.

The bout was held in the early morning of Sunday at a local school and was live-streamed via the official Facebook page of Peixoto.

Both protagonists entered the cage in the same way that other MMA promotions do it, complete with background music and taunts.

With Peixoto and Silva not being professional MMA fighters, it was unsurprising to see both of them fading after the first round.

Both had a fierce exchange in the first round and the two other rounds were hardly a sight to behold.

Silva appeared to have the advantage in the final two rounds, but the mayor was eventually declared the winner.

Although most were surprised by the result, the two politicians hugged and seemed to have settled their differences.

But as far as resolving the waterpark issue, it remains to be seen what measures will follow.

So while both may have gotten their wish to exchange blows, the main reason for staging the fight is still up in the air.

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