President Joe Biden said Friday he has to "act fast" to push a huge new economic relief package through Congress, even without Republican support, because many Americans are near the "breaking point."

"I see enormous pain in this country, a lot of folks out of work, a lot of folks going hungry," Biden said in a White House speech.

"I believe the American people are looking right now to their government for help... so I'm going to act. I'm going to act fast."

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden says Americans are reaching their "breaking point" in terms of needing economic relief amid the coronavirus pandemic AFP / SAUL LOEB

Biden said he wanted bipartisan support for the $1.9 trillion package, which will finance the struggling national coronavirus vaccine rollout and provide economic aid for Americans, including $1,400 in stimulus checks.

But the Democratic leader said his main priority was rescuing a country where many are "reaching the breaking point."

"I would like to be doing it with the support of Republicans... but they are just not willing to go as far as I think we have to go."

"We can reduce suffering in this country," Biden said. "I truly believe real help is on the way."