So referee Bill Leavy did not make a horrendous mistake in Sunday's game between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers, according to the NFL.

Apparently, Packers receiver Greg Jennings was down and therefore did not fumble. Leavy's call was correct and there was nothing scandalous about the Packers scoring a touchdown in the ensuing drive.

An NFL spokesperson emailed NBC Sports' PTF and stated that a runner is considered down if he is contacted by a defensive player and any part of his body other than his hands or feet touches the ground.

Leavy determined that Jennings' calf contacted the ground before his lost control of the ball. Jennings did not, therefore, fumble.

The NFL spokesperson emphasized that there was no need for the runner's knee to be on the ground. Many NLF fans and pundits, however, do actually believe the knee has to hit the ground for a runner to be down, evidenced by the comments made by the FOX Sports broadcasters calling the game on Sunday.

As seen below in the screenshot from FOX's broadcast (taken by www.sportsgrid.com) of the game, Jennings' knee clearly did not hit the ground. His calf, though, arguably did.

IBTimes released an online poll yesterday asking readers if Bill Leavy made a terrible call. Over 99 percent of voters thought he did.

But in light of the comments from the NLF spokesperson, do you still disagree with Leavy's call? Vote in the new poll below.

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