Black Pink finally made their long-awaited debut last month. But while the YG Entertainment girl group has been dominating music charts since releasing “Whistle” and “Boombayah,” fans of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé couldn’t help but notice that the four girls weren’t appearing in any variety shows like other rookie idols.

Despite their successful debut, Black Pink has yet to appear in variety shows other K-pop groups normally appear in such as “Weekly Idol” and “After School Club,” nor were they given the opportunity to star in their own reality show like labelmate 2ne1. A YG Entertainment insider recently answered the questions about the company’s plans for the girl group, revealing that there are currently discussions regarding “Black Pink TV” and variety show appearances for Black Pink.

“We didn’t know BLACKPINK would receive this much interest from so many people this fast, so we’re really thankful. We’re also thankful for the requests to see BLACKPINK appear on variety shows and the producing of ‘BLACKPINK TV.’ In order to repay fans’ support of BLACKPINK we are carefully considering variety appearances,” the source told Star News (via Soompi).

However, it looks like Black Pink won’t be appearing in “Running Man” or any other variety show any time soon as the YGE source claimed the girls will be focusing solely on music instead of other projects. “However, since BLACKPINK was planned as a team that would meet fans through awesome music content from the beginning, we will focus on making good music content for now,” the insider continued.

Black Pink is reportedly set to release two new songs in the coming months and has already filmed a music video for one of the tracks, according to Soompi.

Unsurprisingly, the news about Black Pink’s upcoming plans were met with criticism, with many netizens noting how the members of Black Pink only appear in “Inkigayo” and skip other music shows.

“They're singers first and foremost. How about putting them on some more music shows first, yeah [Yang Hyun Suk]?” one fan commented on the Star News article (via NetizenBuzz), referring to YGE’s CEO. Another fan echoed their sentiment, writing, “Just focus on music shows, why are they only promoting on one show a week.”

Another user compared YGE’s promotion strategy to SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, commenting, “SM's the opposite. They put their rookies on all the shows before they get popular, and then once they get popular, they go quiet with a mysterious image. YG starts their debuts with a mysterious image. JYP doesn't promote at all until one of their songs get popular and then you start seeing them everywhere on TV. It just seems like the general style each agency chooses to run things.”

However, fans are still looking forward to Black Pink’s next releases and their possible variety show appearances, with one netizen saying, “I'm willing to wait if they're preparing hard for it .”

Are you excited to see Black Pink in variety shows and to listen to their new album? Share your thoughts about the group below!