Well, hello. Beautiful! If you are looking for a scoop, check this out. A picture of the illustrious BMW M3 G80. This is fresh off the assembly line and into the minds of gearheads everywhere. 

There have been spy shots of the car going through road tests with heavy camouflage.  But this one gives a closer look than anything that has surfaced before. The picture in question appears in the Facebook page of a British firm that works on BMWs, and seems to be straight off the assembly line.

Evolve Automotive's supposed spyshot of the M3 G80 is thought to be of the model's rear.

Keep in mind that this is just a picture, a supposed spy shot. The actual existence of this design can neither be confirmed or denied. The details of the latest project from auto giant BMW have been tightly guarded. 

A few details are evident in the picture. BMW has opted to go with the full rear diffuser. There are two sets of exhausts on either side of this beauty. The design of the taillights suggests a very aggressive and almost lifelike look. A small spoiler sits perched on the massive rear end, almost like an afterthought. 

This project has been profoundly hidden from the rest of the world. Recently the boss of BMW M division, Markus Flasch, confirmed to CAR magazine that the same twin-turbo six-cylinder engine will power the next M3 as the company's high-performance SUVs. A car that puts out as much torque and horsepower as an SUV? That sounds delicious! 

So why is BMW so silent about this animal? Competition is the name of the game. Mercedes-AMG is the closest market competitor. They are currently toying with a two-tier engine strategy. From the looks of things, BMW will not be outdone. That niche of the auto market is full of exquisite design and features. It will take a lot to come out on top.

The new design is rumored to have a wider cabin and sleek styling. There are supposed to be several options as far as drivetrain goes. There will be two-wheel drive setups and all-wheel-drive setups. There will be automatic and manual configurations. No matter what your flavor, it should be available.

 This is all hearsay until the official release. Call it informed speculation if you will. There is one thing that is for sure! BMW will come out at the head of the pack if these photos prove true. BMW has always been on top of their games as far as design goes. That release date is looking more and more like a holiday.