Bobby Fish, WWE
Bobby Fish as a member of the Undisputed Era. WWE


  • Bobby Fish has gone full blast in criticizing AEW's booking decisions
  • He and Kyle O'Reilly had a ready-made storyline against FTR and Young Bucks
  • Fish recently left AEW after his contract expired

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been in the pro wrestling spotlight for the wrong reasons in recent days after news broke out of a fight happening backstage at the press conference for the All Out pay-per-view event.

Now, former AEW performer Bobby Fish blasted the company's week-to-week booking and squarely placed the blame on it for his decision to leave the promotion.

Fish revealed as much in a conversation with NBC Sports Boston's Steve Fall on the "Ten Count" show.

"I think the ball was dropped... You gotta know what you have and understand the value of your talent and what you have. To say that project was 'mismanaged' would be a monumental understatement. We were a proven commodity as a group. A proven commodity as individuals," Fish initially said.

"I've had stuff go down recently with stuff who were true pros, and again money left on the table when it came to reDragon/FTR and some of it veered into some real-life stuff. You got four guys who are professionals and that's good for pro wrestling."

Fish was referring to AEW not following through on multiple occasions between booking him and tag team partner Kyle O'Reilly (known together as "reDRagon") against FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) and most notably the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson).

ReDRagon was teased to take on FTR in a series of matches after the two teams brawled on an episode of AEW Dynamite a couple of months ago, but the company did not take advantage of the heat between the two sides.

Cash Wheeler (left) and Dax Harwood (right) of FTR. AEW

Facing the Young Bucks would have been great for AEW programming after they helped Adam Cole turn on them, ending their brotherly affiliation with the Undisputed Elite.

It was a loaded storyline since Adam Cole and reDRagon drew mainstream popularity on WWE as the founding members of the Undisputed Era.

However, Cole was aligned with the Young Bucks heavily prior to him joining NXT in 2017.

Fan interest was certainly there, and with AEW's openness to publicly acknowledging a performer's time on different promotions, the promo battles between both sides would have generated a buzz unlike any other.

However, injuries to O'Reilly and Cole ensured that the match would not be happening anytime soon and was pushed even further to the sidelines after CM Punk's issues with the Young Bucks and other AEW personnel following All Out.

Fish is now a free agent, and while he mentioned that returning to WWE is still a possibility, he is currently enjoying being on the sidelines in the meantime.

AEW has since suspended all parties involved in the All Out controversy and other punishments may follow following the investigations.

With Fish gone from AEW, ReDRagon's storyline with the Young Bucks and FTR is officially dead in the water and the direction for all parties involved is currently up in the air.

Adam Cole Young Bucks
Adam Cole joined The Young Bucks in The Bullet Club last year. Ring of Honor/Ricky Havlik