The Boeing Company recorded 1,413 net commercial airplane orders during 2007, reaching more than 1,000 orders for the third consecutive year.

Boeing also set new order records for the 787 Dreamliner jet, its 737 model and Boeing freighters.

The 2007 total surpasses last year's record of 1,044 net orders and 1,002 orders in 2005. Gross orders in 2007, which exclude cancellations and conversions, totaled 1,423. Unfiled orders for Boeing are now over 3,400 airplanes.

Boeing said 80 different customers made orders in 2007, including passenger airlines, cargo carriers, leasing companies and unidentified customers.

Among the highest orders for Boeing airplanes are from airline leasing companies includes Dubai Aerospace Enterprise with 100 airplanes, followed by ILFC and GECAS both 61 airplanes each. Passenger airline companies with highest orders include China Southern Airlines with 61 airplanes, Lion Air with 62 airplanes and Qantas with 52 airplanes.

2007 told us that global demand for commercial airplanes remains strong and sustained. And we've responded with what is clearly the strongest product lineup that we've ever had, from the Next-Generation 737 through the 747-8, 767, 777, and our newest family, the 787 Dreamliner, Carson said.

Airbus, The European aircraft maker, will release its final order tally on January 16, but has already reached 1,204 gross new orders by the end of November.

Last year, Boeing overtook Airbus in airplane orders with 1,044 orders against 790 for Airbus, breaking the order crown it had held since 2000.