A Bolivian court on Tuesday added six months to the pre-trial detention of former acting president Jeanine Anez, her Twitter account said, denouncing a violation of her rights.

Anez was arrested in April after coup allegations leveled by her predecessor and rival Evo Morales.

Her official Twitter account, administered by family members, said a court had added six months to her detention, which it described as an "unjust deprivation of liberty" and a violation of her human rights.

There was no immediate official confirmation of the claim.

Anez was arrested on charges of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy over what leftist Morales had claimed was a coup attempt against him. Her detention elicited widespread international condemnation.

The conservative Anez had come to power in November 2019 after Morales and senior allies in his Movement for Socialism (MAS) resigned following weeks of protest over his controversial reelection to an unconstitutional fourth term.

As Morales fled into exile after 14 years in power, Anez was the most senior parliamentarian left and was sworn in by congress as interim president despite the lack of a quorum, with MAS legislators boycotting the session.

Morales and his allies then claimed they had been the victims of a coup.

The MAS was returned to power in elections last October, and now controls the presidency and Congress.

Anez is accused of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy, among other crimes. Her former justice and energy ministers were also arrested.