Amazon is offering new hires in the U.K. a $1,380 bonus (1,000 British pounds) in an effort to attract new workers at a time of labor shortages in the country.

The bonus comes as more companies are struggling to keep staff workers amid a major supply chain crisis due to a staff and transport disruption. Major retailers’ stock levels are at their lowest since 1983.

“We could see this persisting for longer than people expect. Skills shortages could go on for a few years, the impact of Brexit on our ability to attract workers from the EU is not going to go away quickly and the process of training was quite significantly disrupted by the pandemic when people were not working and furloughed," said Andrew Sentance, a former member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee.

The incentive will be offered until Sept. 18 and new employees will immediately get the sign-on bonus.

The e-commerce giant also said that workers are “urgently needed,” according to the job site Indeed.

Amazon says it is hiring “immediate starts with no experience needed,” and that workers will be offered over $15 an hour, with overtime rising to over $30 an hour.