• The NBA has been affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak
  • Adam Silver has suspended the season for a minimum of 30 days
  • Bill Russell applauds Silver's decisions during the situation

The NBA has indefinitely suspended its season for at least 30 days with the threat of the coronavirus. This is a result of two reported cases of players being tested positive with COVID-19. These are the defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert as the first case and followed by his fellow Utah Jazz teammate All-Star Donovan Mitchell.

The impact on the suspension may be huge as the NBA was nearing the end of the regular season and preparing for the playoffs. Despite the logistical and financial concerns that have to be addressed, Adam Silver remained adamant in protecting the health of the people.

In a letter addressed to the fans, Silver emphasized that the hiatus of the season is for the general public. He then clarified that plans of refunding or honoring tickets at a different date are being made once the season resumes or if it’s safe for all concerned.

Boston Celtics Legend Bill Russell shared that Silver made the correct move in the middle of this pandemic. He tweeted that the late David Stern would be proud of him for making the decision to put the season on hold.

While there have been reports of people recovering from the coronavirus, those of older age with weaker immune systems are at higher risk. Russell added in his tweet that the pandemic is a safety concern especially for those at his generation.

Russell is a multiple-time champion and is considered to be one of the biggest icons in the sport. He helped shape what basketball today is and is an example of what success is like on the court. Russell has 11 NBA Championships and is a five-time MVP.

While recent events have affected everyone globally, the NBA ensures that it will keep a lookout on possible future actions to do for the benefit of everybody. “This remains to be a complicated and rapidly evolving situation that reminds us that we are all part of a broader society with a responsibility to look out for one another. That is what the NBA will continue to do, and we are grateful for your understanding for being the best fans in sports,” the letter said.

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