• George Foreman says he's glad the Mike Tyson fight never happened
  • Foreman reveals Tyson was also scared of him
  • Foreman calls Tyson a "monster"

George Foreman is treating Mike Tyson’s alleged reluctance to fight him as a blessing in disguise. Instead of taunting, the retired two-time heavyweight champion admitted he had a lucky escape from having to fight Iron Mike, who he said was a “monster” inside the ring.

“(Tyson) was scared and I was glad of that,” Foreman told On The Ropes Boxing, per the Sun. "There were a couple of times, serious negotiations were going on with the Mike Tyson fight.”

The 71-year-old confessed to having the same notion as he himself did not want a piece of Tyson. But while he spoke highly of his fellow fight legend, Foreman reiterated that it was Tyson’s refusal which caused the mega bout to never happen.

"Mike Tyson just didn't want to fight me. Not to say he couldn't have beaten me,” the Olympic Gold Medalist said. "I mean, this guy could punch. The bigger they are the harder they'd fall as far as Mike Tyson was concerned."

Big George entered the professional ranks in 1969 and would finish his career with an outstanding 76 wins in 81 fights, including 68 victories by way of KO. As an amateur, Foreman was able to establish a winning reputation, which was highlighted by his Olympic win in 1968 in Mexico City. Despite all these, the boxing icon still believes the younger Tyson would be too much for him to handle.

"That guy was a nightmare in the ring. I didn't want anything to do with that guy,” Foreman told ESPN. "I didn't want a part of Mike Tyson. He was a monster. If he missed you with his left, then missed you with his right, he'd bite you. Those are the kind of guys you see in a nightmare. You want to wake up and say, 'So glad that's a dream' I didn't want any part of Mike Tyson - no way."

Tyson, 53, went on to build his own legendary career, recording 50 wins, six losses, two draws and 44 victories via KO. He remains the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history, having won a title in his weight class at 20 years old and just less than two years into his professional debut.

George Foreman
Former heavyweight champion George Foreman gestures before the heavyweight title unification boxing match between Ukrainian IBF and WBO titleholder Vladimir Klitschko against British WBA champion David Haye in Hamburg July 2, 2011. Reuters