• Former Olympian feels Pacquiao will return to boxing if he loses his presidential bid
  • AJ Galante believes that a fighter will never lose that itch to compete again
  • Pacquiao officially called it a career in September after 26 years in boxing

Manny Pacquiao is currently busy campaigning in his bid to become the president of the Philippines, something that pulls him away from any potential boxing scenarios.

Pacquiao did announce his retirement last September 29 when he released an official video titled “Goodbye Boxing” on his official Facebook page.

Even though it appears to be the end of it, not many are entirely buying that the world has seen the last of boxing's only eight-division champion.

Perhaps one of the best people who can weigh in on what lies ahead for the 42-year-old boxing icon is Ronald Chavez, a former representative of the Philippines at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

Chavez--who's now a coach of the Philippine national boxing team believes that Pacquiao’s future will depend on whether he wins the elections next year.

He made that statement when he appeared on the Baby Dynamite Sports podcast last October 1 opposite hosts Rica Aquino and Brian Yalung.

According to Chavez, the only thing that appears to be certain is that if Pacquiao wins the presidency, it would be “the official retirement” of the legendary pugilist.

If the renowned southpaw from General Santos City falls short in his bid, Chavez believes that Pacquiao will entertain one good offer to return to the ring.

Chavez practically shared the same sentiments made by boxing promoter AJ Galante when he made an appearance on Sports For All PH.

“I just think a guy like him, he is not going to be able to help it. I think he needs to do it for himself. I wouldn’t be surprised that in 2023, you might see him coming back. I could see it for sure,” Galante said.

 Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao is busy campaigning for the 2022 PH elections but boxing personalities believe he may still return if he loses his bid. Getty Images | Steve Marcus