• BRAVE CF is following in the footsteps of football with the announcement of the BRAVE National League
  • The Bahrain-based promotion hopes to create a sustainable MMA ecosystem with its latest announcement
  • Fighters will be allowed to have its own revenue streams apart from the league

Bahrain-based BRAVE Combat Federation has announced that it is creating a league similar to that of football’s FIFA.

BRAVE National League (BNL) aims to create a sustainable mixed martial arts (MMA) economy across the globe that promotes mutual gain instead of monopolizing.

“MMA is one of the most global sports along with football/soccer. It deserves a sports system that helps the industry reach its potential around the world and BNL will be that solution,” said Valeria Lang, the promotion's COO. 

Lang also stressed that she prefers having multi-billion dollar companies in MMA instead of a single company that generates more than a billion.

The Bahrain-based organization hopes to launch its first league in 2023, with plans to introduce the model to five different regions in three years’ time. 

“A sport can’t be controlled by only one person, company or even a nation. No matter the wealth. If that is happening or if that is even a possibility, then the sport is not reaching its highest potential,” BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid stated.

BNL’s mission is to advance the global recognition of MMA as a sport. According to a press release, it will operate under one huge umbrella similar to soccer.

The leagues get to create their own set of rules and regulations, pursuant to the standard that BRAVE CF will impose on interested parties.

BRAVE CF also announced that it will have a transition program for amateur fighters that wish to become professionals.

Instead of the standard contracts per fight scheme, the promotion will introduce season contracts, where fighters get a standardized deal throughout the season.

Fighters are also allowed to create and sustain their own revenue streams under the new model, and club owners will have a mandatory requirement to reinvest a percentage of their revenue back to the athletes.

“It was not easy to bring a massive group of people together from different areas of expertise and world together for one vision. We believe it will be the biggest game-changer we have seen in sports for a while,” Shahid explained.

More details about BNL will be announced in the coming days.

BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid at a BRAVE CF live event. Photo: BRAVE CF