Zombie Wedding

In a show of readiness -- or perhaps just good humor -- the British government has formally responded to a member of the public’s inquiry about how it would treat a zombie apocalypse.

While an informal head count indicates most people survived the recent Mayan Apocalypse intact, some are apparently still concerned about their governments’ preparedness in the event of a zombie uprising, so much so that numerous U.K. city councils and its Ministry of Defense have been forced to address the issue, the Telegraph reported.

In reply to a freedom-of-information request -- made under an act that enables anyone outside the government to ask a public-sector organization for all the available information on a given subject -- the Ministry of Defense said that should a contingency such as a zombie apocalypse take place, the response to it would fall outside the ministry’s jurisdiction. The British government’s response would be spearheaded by the Cabinet Office, it said, with the ministry providing assistance.

“In the event of an apocalyptic incident (e.g. zombies), any plans to rebuild and return England to its pre-attack glory would be led by the Cabinet Office, and thus any preplanning activity would also take place there,” the ministry explained. “The Ministry of Defense’s role in any such event would be to provide military support to the civil authorities, not take the lead. Consequently, the Ministry of Defense holds no information on this matter.”

Similar requests have been lodged with city councils in Bristol and Leicester. In Bristol, a council representative referred to a “top secret” contingency plan designed to cope with a “zombie pandemic,” and in Leicester, the council acknowledged it had made no specific preparations for dealing with a zombie apocalypse, according to Today Online in Singapore.