Following Buster Posey's injury at home plate last night, San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Body called for a rules change in the way runners go to home plate.

Posey, the Giants' star catcher and reigning NL Rookie of the Year, was hurt last night on Scott Cousins hard charge toward home on a sacrifice fly in the 12th inning.

I do think we need to consider changing the rules there a little bit, Bochy said. The catcher is so vulnerable and there's so many that have gotten hurt and not just a little bit.

Bochy said that runners should look for a proper lane and not just run into the catcher.

If there's a lane there, you've got to go for home plate, Bochy explained.  I know in high school and college,  they have a rule there. 

He added, But if there's no place to go, then sure, you can run into the catcher.

Sometimes a guy just makes up his mind that he's going to run into the catcher. It looked like [Cousins] had made up his mind, that the only way he was going to score was to hit [Posey].

Bochy himself played catcher for many years in the major leagues.

Asked if he ever got hurt on a collision at the plate, Bochy answered, Yeah, I've got hit in the head area when both of my arms went numb. It's scary.

Because of his own experiences, Bochy added, That's my point.  It might be time to consider doing something to protect these guys.

Bochy wasn't able to give a clear update on Posey's condition other than to say it was a a lower-leg fracture, an ankle fracture.  No timeline has been given for his return.

The team will await further news on Posey's condition after an MRI exam.

The Giants have called up minor league outfielders Brandon Belt, catcher Chris Stewart, and Brandon Crawford.  Besides Posey, Mike Fontenot and Darren Ford have been placed on the disabled list for minor injuries.  Both could be back in two weeks.