Derrick Rose, the NBA's most valuable player and star point guard of the Chicago Bulls, recently said that basketball has a huge steroids problem. Rose, whose team is currently in the NBA playoffs, also called for a more level playing field in his sport.

Rose was asked the following question by ESPN the Magazine, If 1 equals 'What are PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs)'? and 10 equals 'Everybody's Juicing'...How big of an issue is illegal enhancing in your sport?

In response, Rose said, Seven. It's huge, and I think we need a level playing field, where nobody has that advantage over the next person.

The point guards' bold declaration comes in direct contrast with a 2005 statement by NBA commissioner David Stern during the height of scrutiny into the steroids issue that year.

It's not a problem at the present time that we think we have, Stern told ESPN.

Lebron James, star of the Bulls' playoff opponent Miami Heat, agreed with Stern in a 2005 Maxim interview. When asked about steroids in the basketball, James responded, It's something that's not done.

James explained, It's just something in the NBA that hasn't been done, so no one's going to start. I wouldn't expect to see anybody taking steroids in the game of basketball. That would be kind of crazy.

Unlike the MLB and NFL, the NBA has not had to enforce its steroid policy very often. Darius Miles, Rashard Lewis, and O.J. Mayo were suspended under the policy in recent years, which calls for a 10-game suspension after the first offense. In the NBA's history, none of the players ever caught taking steroids could be considered star players.

Roses' declaration, comes only weeks after he became the youngest player in league history to win the league's MVP award. Rose is currently facing the biggest challenge in his young career, as his playoff series against the Heat is currently tied 1-1 with a Game 3 tip-off later tonight.