The auto industry saw a strong first quarter with an increase in vehicle sales as America reopens amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many car buyers are looking to go electric and Tesla has been the industry leader in EVs with a range of vehicles that come in many different designs and varying prices.

Depending on where the Tesla will be driven and what model you select could make it more affordable. When Electrek posted a breakdown of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus EV, it found that Oklahoma, Missouri, and Nebraska are some of the most affordable places to drive and charge a Tesla. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Hawaii are some of the most expensive places to operate a Tesla.

Owning an electric car can be beneficial for more than just helping the environment. There are savings on gas, as well as maintenance costs like oil changes and air filters. There are also tax incentives.

The choices can be overwhelming for the average car buyer. Here's a look at the current Tesla models as broken down by MotorTrend on Aug. 4:

The Model 3 Is The Most Affordable

The rear-drive Standard Range Plus model starts at $41,190, including a $1,200 destination fee. This car has an estimated driving range of 263 miles. Electrek noted in a June report that the sedan was ranked the most affordable EV in the U.S. in terms of cost per mile.

The Model S Is A Bit More Pricey

Tesla's Model S is significantly more expensive than the Model 3. The Long Range variant, which travels an estimated 405 miles on a full charge, costs $91,190. For those who really want to break the bank, the tri-motor Plaid variant sees its price hiked from $119,690 to $131,190.

Model Y Is A Crossover

It is a performance variant that offers an estimated 303 miles of range and comes at a $62,190 price tag. The vehicle can get up to 155 miles per hour and can travel 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. It has a higher roofline and most of the distinguished differences can be seen inside. The Model Y, which seats up to seven, offers more headroom along with a 3-row option.

Model X Has Falcon Wing Doors

Prices for this model start at $96,190. The Model X is the SUV offered by Telsa and comes standard with five seats. A six-seat configuration costs an extra $6,500, and a seven-seat configuration costs $3,500. This model offers the most storage space and towing capacity than any other model. It is known for having its falcon winged doors in the back for passengers. Model X offers about 360 miles of range.

Then There's The New Tesla Roadster

This vehicle will start at around $200,000. The Founders Series, limited to the first 1,000 customers, is priced around $250,000. At this price, the Roadster is poised to become the most expensive Tesla in the lineup. Tesla is currently taking reservations for the Roadster but the official on-sale date hasn't been announced.

Tesla Cybertruck Will Raise Eyebrows

It costs about $48,000 and increases about $10,000 for a dual-motor all-wheel-drive variant, and the tri-motor all-wheel-drive version will cost about $30,000 more than the standard model. To date, the Cybertruck has been delayed to 2022.

Even the crack in the supposedly indestructible windows of the all-electrick Cybertruck didn't rattle Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Even the crack in the supposedly indestructible windows of the all-electric Cybertruck didn't rattle Tesla CEO Elon Musk. AFP / Frederic J. BROWN