• Gov. David Monreal said the bodies showed signs of bruising and beating
  • Gang wars have made Zacatecas one of the most violent states in Mexico
  • The state is reportedly a major transit point for drugs coming into the U.S.

Two people were arrested after a car filled with 10 bodies was found outside the governor's office in the north-central Mexican state of Zacatecas on Thursday.

The bodies were found crammed inside an SUV, which was left in a public square just before dawn Thursday, The Guardian reported, quoting authorities. The area was lit up with a Christmas tree and holiday decorations at the time of the incident.

Gov. David Monreal said he was about to start work when someone informed him about the grisly discovery. The bodies showed signs of bruising and beating, he said in a video taken at the scene.

"They came to leave them here ... bodies, apparently beaten, with wounds," Monreal said, DW reported.

The federal Public Safety Department said a man drove the vehicle to the area, then got out and walked away through an alleyway.

The governor tweeted Thursday evening that two suspects were taken into custody. The identities of the suspects were not revealed. He added security was always a major challenge in Zacatecas and vowed to take action.

"We have arrested alleged perpetrators linked to the events that occurred this morning in Zacatecas. We will not rest until peace and security return to our state," he tweeted.

Gang wars have made Zacatecas one of the most violent states in the country. Official data showed that 1,050 murders were reported in the region last year, which was 260 more than the previous year. The state is also reportedly a major transit point for drugs coming to the U.S.

There were 31,615 killings reported in Mexico between January and November 2021. This number was 3.6% lower than the 2020 record of 32,814, The Guardian reported.

Eight people were killed last week after assailants opened fire at two homes on the outskirts of the city of Silao in north-central Mexico. Three other people were injured in the shooting and were hospitalized in critical condition. The motive behind the crime was not known.

Police tape
This is a representational image showing a police tape. Reuters/Sergio Flores