Carl Pavano has 106 wins in his MLB career.
Carl Pavano has 106 wins in his MLB career. Reuters

Carl Pavano has had one of the most dubious careers since entering the Major Leagues.

Now, the Twins pitcher is making news off the field.

According to Pavano's family, the pitcher has been the victim of an attempted extortion.

Christian Bedard, Pavano's former high school classmate, reportedly threatened to reveal a sexual relationship between the two if the pitcher did not pay Bedard.

Michelle DeGenarro, Pavano's sister, claims Bedard contacted her through Facebook, demanding the MLB star send him a car.

The only way your brother is getting out of this... is with a heart-felt apology and a navy Range Rover with tan leather, read the message.

DeGennaro informed the police about the situation late in 2011. The cops took Bedard's laptop and journal to investigate the claims. Police say there is an ongoing investigation and they are not releasing any information.

Pavano's sister calls Bedard's claim that the former classmates had a relationship clearly false. Bedard reportedly told DeGenarro that he had a $1.2 million dollar book deal, in which he would reveal his story.

On Monday, Bedard said he had a physical relationship with Pavano that lasted for three years in high school.

Pavano has yet to comment on the situation. The pitcher will start for the Twins this season, who get the 2012 campaign underway next week.

He is most widely known for signing a 4-year, $40 million contract with the Yankees, and barely playing because of injuries.