Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony Reuters

Casey Anthony fans have been sending money to her jailhouse account to help her buy snacks, makeup and other items. Records from the Orange County Correction Department show that 17 people have sent money orders to the account since May, ABC News reports.

The records show that most of the donators were men, although there were generous women, too, with one stranger sending as much as $100 dollars. According to ABC News the donations have increased since her acquittal and now she has $472.18 dollars in her account, whereas an average amount for an Orange County inmate is $36.30. Anthony will be given these funds during her much anticipated release on July.17.

According to ABC the donors range from men as young as 19, to middle aged women, and to men in their late fifties. Some are bankers and others have criminal pasts including charges of aggravated assault and sex offenses. One donor even offered Anthony a place to stay when she leaves jail on Sunday.

If she ever did contact me and wanted to live in the middle of nowhere I have three houses out here...I'm scared for her, Gary Bradfield told

Casey Anthony was acquitted on July 5 after being found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter three years ago in a case that captivated the US. One of her fans, Robert Aydin Hakimoglu, who the Huffington Post reports to have had a soft spot for her, allegedly punched a woman in the face in a fight over the Anthony verdict. He was reported to have jumped into the Indian River Lagoon in Melborne beach, Fla to avoid getting arrested.

Policeman, Rick Dovale told Floridatoday that Hakimoglu agreed with the Jury's decision and believed anybody who did not was not an American.