1. Casey Anthony (94%)
Casey Anthony is seen in photo as heavily guarded as she was leaving prison when cleared from murder of daughter in July 2011. reuters

Evidence that Casey Anthony ostensibly repeatedly searched the word chloroform on her computer stemmed from a computer flaw, according to a software designer who testified at the trial.

The prosecution in the Casey Anthony trial repeatedly invoked the fact that Anthony had searched the word chloroform 84 times as evidence that she was planning to murder her daughter Caylee Anthony.

They continued to present this fact even after John Bradley, who built the program the Orange County Sherrif's Office used to establish Anthony's Internet search history, told them that Anthony in fact only searched the term once.

I gave the police everything they needed to present a new report, Bradley told The New York Times. I did the work myself and copied out the entire database in a spreadsheet to make sure there was no issue of accesibility to the data.

Bradley said that the jury was never told of his concerns, a fact that raises serious questions about the conduct of the trial. Cheney Mason, one of Anthony's defense attorneys, called the withholding outrageous, noting that the prosecution is absolutely obligated to bring forth to the court any and all evidence that could be exculpatory.

Anthony was acquitted on charges of murdering her daughter, a verdict that has provoked public outrage from people confinced of her guilt. Anthony's family has received death threats, and an Oklahoma woman bearing a resemblance to Anthony was viciously attacked by a woman who told the police she was trying to save the children.

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