Maryland State Senator Nancy Jacobs
Maryland State Senator Nancy Jacobs

In response to the stunning not-guilty verdict in the murder trial of Casey Anthony, a lawmaker in Maryland wants to make it a felony when a parent fails to report a child’s death, according to a report in The Baltimore Sun.

State Senate minority leader Nancy Jacobs said she was approached by dozens of her constituents who were angered over Anthony’s acquittal and wanted Maryland to respond somehow.

Anthony did not immediately report the death of her daughter Caylee.

People are saying to me, 'Good grief, that woman's as guilty as can be, and they're not doing anything,' said Jacobs.

Scott Shellenberger, the state attorney for Baltimore County, likes the idea.

I think under the right, unique circumstances it would be very helpful, Shellenberger said.

Jacobs, who representing Harford and Cecil counties, will present the bill at the next legislative session in Annapolis in January.

Earlier Thursday, Anthony was sentenced to four years (the maximum allowable under the law) for lying to the police during the investigation. But because she has already spent three years in prison while awaiting trial, she will be released next week.