Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) decides to embrace her powers and fight evil in "Supergirl." CBS

Major U.S. TV networks are shuffling their lineups this week to avoid terror themes in programming after the slaughter in Paris. CBS is switching out the Nov. 16 episodes of Monday night dramas "Supergirl" and "NCIS: Los Angeles" that could have been seen as insensitive, and both NBC and E! are canceling live shows that were scheduled for Friday.

The "Supergirl" episode being replaced had the titular heroine juggling babysitting duties while attempting to stop a series of bombings in her hometown of National City. The "NCIS: LA" episode concerned the investigative team's search for a teenage girl thought to have been recruited by a terrorist organization.

Instead of these storylines, "Supergirl" will air a Thanksgiving-themed episode, while "NCIS: LA"'s new episode has one of the team members looking for a missing friend. The previously scheduled episodes will air at a later date to be determined.

CBS isn't the only network that is shifting its programming out of respect for those affected by the carnage in Paris. The NBC comedy "Undateable" opted not to perform its usual live episode Friday night, as did E!'s clip show "The Soup." ".@TheSoup will not b live 2nite b/c of the horrible attacks in Paris. Our prayers go out 2those who were killed, wounded, & their families," "Soup" host Joel McHale tweeted Friday night.

"Undateable" star Chris D'Elia had a similar reaction.

The cable network USA faced a similar situation over the summer. The season finale of critically acclaimed hacker thriller "Mr. Robot" was scheduled to air on Aug. 26, just 12 hours after the on-air murder of a two-person Virginia news crew. USA shifted the finale to the next week because it featured a scene in which a man commits suicide on live television.

"Saturday Night Live" with host Elizabeth Banks aired as scheduled on Saturday, but opened with a somber but touching message to France delivered by cast member Cecily Strong in English and French.