The KAI GTS9 Art Motion massage chair received the CES 2022 Innovation Award in the Smart Home category, and the company is hungry for more.

Korean firm HUTECH will showcase the high-end flagship massage chair at the Consumer Electronics Show from Jan. 5-8, which uses the latest sonic vibration massage system.

The KAI GTS9 revolutionizes massages by using sonic wave technology, boasts Hwa-don Ju, Managing Director of HUTECH.

“Going beyond simply providing a physical massage through a massage chair, we plan to continue to focus on research and development under the motto of true relaxation that can provide emotional satisfaction to customers,” proclaimed JU in the CES press release regarding the KAI GTS9.

As a company dedicated to healthcare for everyone, HUTECH’s latest creation follows along its mission of providing relaxation and inspiration through massage.

HUTECH has been on a roll. In addition to its CES Innovation Award for 2022, the company topped the “Korea customer satisfaction index” in 2021 for its unrivaled technology.

HUTECH plans to vigorously market the 'sonic wave massage' technology overseas to generate buzz and sales.

The KAI GTS9 Art Motion is equipped with HUTECH massage mechanism 2.0 that’s created by combining HUTECH’s original technology HBLS (HUTECH Body Leveling System), real 3D art motion, and 4-channel sonic vibration massage.

This combination “provides a level of relaxation that exceeds that given by a professional masseuse,” HUTECH states in the CES press release.

The “Sonic Wave Massage System” of the KAI GTS9 applies a sonic vibration magnetic circuit to a massage system.

The massage chair installs a sonic vibration module in the massage module that determines most of the feeling of massage. A true 4D massage is implemented through a 4-channel sonic vibration massage that applies sonic wave to the back and feet.

The frequency (Hz) optimized for massage is passed through the sonic vibration massage module to deliver natural and soft wave vibrations.

In addition, the KAI GTS9 is equipped with HUTECH’s music sync massage technology. Essentially, the massage motion changes according to the melody, rhythm, and dynamics of the music, providing a physical massage and emotional healing at the same time.

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