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Battery power is key and Clarios’ latest product offering ensures a longer ride.

Clarios, producer of one in three of the world’s car batteries, will debut and showcase a new smart energy storage technology, called Smart AGM, at CES 2022 in Las Vegas to help conserve a vehicle battery’s juice.

Smart AGM is a low-voltage battery that “helps mitigate power supply failures with increased reliability and functionality, protecting against failures that could put occupants at risk,” according to the CES press release.

Clarios asserts that where the automotive industry is heading, it’s right there with it.

And as the field of electrification and automation moves from a focus on simple safety and convenience features to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and fully autonomous vehicles, Clarios boasts it is leading the way with Smart AGM by giving users not only added battery life but an extra sense of well being on the road.

Clarios, a subsidiary of Brookfield Business, is a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions.

The firm states it partners with aftermarket and original equipment customers to meet increasing market demand for smarter applications on a global scale – including the development, manufacturing and distribution of a portfolio of evolving battery technologies for virtually every type of vehicle.

Smart AGM will begin production by 2025.

“As a world leader in battery technologies, we’re excited to come to CES to share how our energy storage technologies enable mobility and power vehicles, empowering people to move more safely and efficiently, said Clarios CEO Mark Wallace in the CES press release.

Working in tandem with the high-voltage battery, xEV batteries help ensure optimal performance, delivering constant power and crucial safety functionality, according to Clarios, while Smart AGM will be a fully connected battery able to monitor performance in real-time.

Clarios will debut the Smart AGM technology with a product demonstration in Booth #5075 at the Las Vegas Convention Center West, throughout the Consumer Electronics Show from Jan. 5-8.

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