Typewise A1 Text Technology Predicts Human Thought Typewise

Decoding human thoughts accurately and at a faster clip is what Typewise has in mind.

The Switzerland-based deep tech company will launch its latest technology — the artificial intelligence text prediction solution and a new keyboard — at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8 in booth #62821.

Typewise claims the privacy-friendly AI text prediction technology can improve a person’s productivity by 2-3 times and commit fewer spelling errors.

The average current interaction with digital devices happens at only 10% of the speed of our thoughts, according to Typewise’s CES press release. This is the gap the company aims to close with the AI text prediction solution.

The AI-powered text and sentence prediction solution allow employees to write emails, replies and documents up to three times faster.

There is zero integration needed, as the solution works across all web-based applications and is available in six languages.

The technology harmonizes AI, machine learning, and natural-language processing to perform correction and completion of words and entire sentences on mobile and desktop applications.

Typewise claims it can remove a common complaint by users that many existing AI solutions commit too many autocorrect errors and/or fail to make typing corrections appropriately.

Typewise maintains that the key to decoding human thoughts accurately is for the AI solution to learn from the user.

By using Typewise’s own AI, the technology learns the user’s own slang or colloquial vocabulary so that over time, the solution gradually improves.

To reach optimal performance, Typewise is also offering an innovative and user-friendly keyboard that some say could spell the end for QWERTY – the setting used for typewriters.

While QWERTY has worked for bigger typewriters, it hasn’t been as ideal for smaller devices like mobile phones and laptops so Typewise has redesigned the keyboard with a different layout and shape of keys.

“Typewise’s unique and patented hexagonal (or honeycomb) design make it discernibly easier to hit the right key,” states the CES press release.

Typewise, which was launched in 2019 by David Eberle and Janis Berneker, continues to grow by 15% month-to-month, with its following now at 1.4 million downloads, according to a CES press release.

The company has multiple patents and is currently collaborating with the Swiss Federal Institution of Technology on a few projects.