Johnson Treadmill Run
Less than a week after Arizona Cardinals receiver Robert Gill posted his 25 mph treadmill video, Chad Johnson matched the feat by running 24 mph at a 2.5 degree incline. YouTube

Last week, Arizona Cardinals rookie wide receiver Robert Gill set the Internet ablaze after posting a video in which he ran 25 mph on a treadmill. On Monday, free agent wide receiver Chad Johnson decided to outdo Gill with a treadmill performance of his own.

In a video posted by personal trainer Matt Gates on Monday, Johnson nearly matched Gill’s 25 mph treadmill, reaching a top speed of 24 mph. However, the man known as “Ochocinco” added a twist of his own -- his 24 mph treadmill display was performed on a 2.5 percent incline. Not bad for a 35-year-old wide receiver whose glory days are supposedly behind him.

To be fair, Johnson failed to match the outright speed that Gill displayed in his 25 mph treadmill run. Gill may be the oldest rookie in the NFL this season, but he can still run a 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds and was once clocked at 4.19 -- something that the overwhelming majority of NFL players can only dream of.

Still, as impressive as Johnson's and Gill’s treadmill performances are, they both pale in comparison to the top speed of the world’s top sprinters. During his world-record run, Usain Bolt was clocked at a top speed of 27.49 mph.

Regardless, posting videos of 24 mph or 25 mph treadmill runs seems to be the latest trend for pro football players. So far, Johnson, Gill and Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall have all accomplished the feat.