• Reece James got robbed after doing charity work
  • James continues to do his share in helping needy
  • James believes Chelsea will eventually do well this season

It is the time of giving and doing good deeds, and Chelsea FC defender Reece James is all for it.

Aware that a lot of people are in dire need, among his planned tasks include feeding the needy and handing out gifts.

Unfortunately, he was only able to do one of those successfully. The 21-year-old player served food to hungry children as part of the Felix Project event but ended up getting disappointed afterward, Sky Sports reported.

James found that his car had been burglarized, and gifts meant to be donated to charity were stolen. The English player shared pictures of the damage done by robbers.

"Another rewarding experience with the Felix Project today serving meals to the younger generation,” read his initial Instagram Stories post. "Hopefully we spread some joy ahead of a challenging Christmas period.”

"Unfortunately, I was met with huge disappointment when returning to my car. During the event, someone felt the need to break in and steal gifts that I was due to go and donate later in the day."

It was a heartbreaking development for the Blues defender who was trying to help the unfortunate this Yuletide season. There was no mention of what he planned to do after the burglary.

On the pitch, James has been doing well on the defensive end for the Blues. Chelsea is coming off a draw against Tottenham, but he remains confident that the club can improve moving forward.

James has been doing his fair share for Chelsea’s defense, coming out with another clean sheet against the Spurs. Things would have been better had they scored or get some points from the Blues' vaunted scoring line.

Regardless, he feels that if they continue to work hard and push themselves, something good will come out eventually as reported at

“At the end of the day the aim of the team is to win the league and I think we’ve got every chance. That’s the goal but we have to keep working and keep pushing and getting better as a team,” he said.

Reece James of Chelsea
Reece James of Chelsea Getty Images | Visionhaus