China issued its first white paper on nuclear safety on Tuesday, stating its stance on developing nuclear energy and clarified its determination to build a safer community globally for nuclear safety.

The State Council Information Office released the white paper titled "Nuclear Safety in China" which elaborated the basic principles, various policies and regulatory practices in the field of Nuclear Safety in China. The body of the white paper was divided into six sections.

China’s nuclear industry has now become quite established, starting from scratch and developing quite steadily for the last 70 years. According to the white paper, the nuclear industry has been vital in ensuring energy security, promoting economic development and improving people’s standard of living.

Director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, Liu Hua told a press conference that along with thermal and hydropower energy, nuclear energy has helped China achieve energy diversity and power safety.

He also said that developing nuclear power was an established policy of China, helping it to adjust to the country’s coal-based structure and protecting the environment, Xinhua reported.

The white paper also states that China has regarded nuclear safety as an important national responsibility, maintaining a good safety record and continuing to improve the safety level.

"China has always regarded nuclear safety as an important national responsibility, and integrated it into the entire process of nuclear energy development and utilization," the white paper said.

Liu said that the country has pursued an innovative approach to achieving the highest standards of safety in the nuclear industry.

The white paper also stated that China has been an active promoter for building a mutually beneficial global community for nuclear safety. According to the paper, China, along with ensuring its own nuclear safety has actively promoted the use of nuclear energy for the benefit of mankind.

xi jingping
Chinese President Xi Jingping. Getty Images