Chinese citizens are allowed to tour another nine nations, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Middle East, from September 15, according to the National Tourism Administration.

According to state agency Xinhua, the other eight new destinations are Ecuador and Dominic in Central America, Mali, Cape Verde, and Ghana in Africa, Papua New Guinea of Oceania and Montenegro in Europe.

However, tourist groups to the other eight nations, apart from UAE, would be scarce, or mainly business groups, due to difficulties in obtaining visa to these countries, lack of direct flights, and low recognition among the Chinese public, Xinhua said, citing industry analysts.

The destination of UAE would be more attractive to Chinese tourists, as direct fights to Dubai have already been available.

The first tourist group to UAE would start off on September 15, flying Chinese tourists to beaches and luxury hotels there, with shopping at tariff-free department stores also on the itinerary designed by various travel agencies.