With temperatures soaring this summer, authorities in China’s Jinan City have ordered the public to keep their shirts on in public places. Apparently, the sight of middle-aged Chinese men moving about in public places with their shirts rolled up on their belly is an eye sore.

The city’s authorities came up with this notice following the complaint from citizens that the "uncivilized phenomenon" of Beijing bikinis was damaging the city’s image. Authorities, according to CNN, are planning to crack down on "improper dressing" in public areas. This includes shirtlessness and wanton exposure of body parts.

“Public bickering, jumpin queues, littering and uncivilized dog walking are also being targeted under the notice, which is aimed at enhancing the image of the city,” said CNN.

Beijing Biknis
Jinan City authorities in China have banned men from roaming shirtless or walking with shirt rolled up their belly in public spaces calling it an uncivilized behavior. Sixth Tone

During China’s summers, it's common to see middle-aged men walking about with a shirt rolled up their belly to beat the heat. A local even said that being shirtless cuts more carbon emissions than turning on the AC. Others have called the order as discriminatory. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the belly is an important receptacle for energy. It means that exposing the belly will help get rid of excess heat.

But the authorities have labeled this as "uncivilized behavior." Reports say that the police in Tianjin city had fined a man $7 in the month of May for going grocery shopping without a shirt.