Xu Hengrui scored 526 points in law entrance examination at Renmin University, one of China's most prestigious universities.

The university acceptance, however, has been intrigued by rumors of huge donation to the university by his father, Xu Wenlin, the influential chairman of a Chinese tobacco company.

Renmin University issued a statement denying Xu Wenlin's involvement in the school's board of directors and the alleged donation. Communist-party owned newspaper, Guanming Daily quoted a university spokesman saying the young Hengrui has been recommended by the child's local education department.

Xu's score, 31 points higher than what is required coupled with impressive performance during the panel interview qualified the child to study with the country's brightest.

His father told Chinese media that Xu dropped out of school after two years of studying at Mile No.1 Middle School, and has since been home-educated by China's top-caliber educators.

After the second grade, the boy felt that the school was not fast enough for him and his father arranged for him to live in Kunming and hired many excellent teachers to tutor him, the spokesman told Beijing News.

The Telegraph reported Xu completed his primary school in less than a year, and finished his junior high school by age eight. He also used to go to school just to take the exams.

Renmin University does not have age requirements in taking gaokao, the Chinese term for entrance exam.