Some Americans like to get creative with the star on top of their Christmas tree, but have you thought of getting creative with your Christmas Tree stand?

Miller Lite, owned by Molson Coors, is offering a "Christmas Tree Keg Stand" as part of its holiday collection this year. The fully functioning stand can not only hold up a tree but also contain a beer keg inside.

"Miller Lite stands for great taste and celebrating with people. The Keg Stand brings beer front and center to some of the year's most special moments," Sarah Showak, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite said in the press release.

The stand costs $49.99 and does not include either a tree or a keg. The release date has not been released, but Miller Lite is encouraging people to sign up on its website for updates.

The stand comes after Miller Lite released "Beernaments," beer cans that function as Christmas tree ornaments with actual beer inside last year. The Beernaments are currently sold on Miller Lite's website but the company says that the next release of products will be on Nov. 8 at 9 a.m. CT.

The products come as the company continues to perform well among consumers.

Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley told analysts during an earning calls earlier this week that Miller Lite has seen a lot of "momentum" with customers recently.

"We continue to believe that Miller Lite's brand positioning as the beer for people who just love the taste of a great beer is resonating really, really well," he said.