• Claressa Shields starts MMA training for possible crossover fight with Amanda Nunes
  • Shields doesn't want to be criticized over first MMA training clip
  • Promoter said Shields wants to become a "two-sport" star

Undefeated boxing champ Claressa Shields showed off her incredible power in first MMA training footage as she prepares for a possible fight with UFC star Amanda Nunes.

Arguably, Shields is now the most sought-after challenger for UFC women’s bantamweight champ Nunes. Despite having a flawless record in pro boxing, Shields has zero experience in MMA. However, things could be even more exciting in the Shields-Nunes fight talks as the boxing star has now officially started her MMA training.

In her latest post on social media, Shields shared a short clip of her MMA training. In the video, Shields can be seen working on her kicks, which she admitted to be “her first time.”

“It wasn’t terrible! I can do this!” Shields tweeted.

Shields said she was “nervous as hell” and her heart was beating fast as she walked into the class. She also asked fans to “save the criticisms” as is it was only her first time. However, the boxing champ vowed that she will be serious in her transition.

Evidently, Shields is proving that she is eager to do a “crossover fight.” And it is a bit surprising that as a pro boxer, she also possesses incredible power in her legs.

Prior to this training video clip, Dmitry Salita of Salita Promotions has already revealed in the past that Shields has been making progress in MMA and is eager to pursue a UFC career. According to Salita, Shields wants to mke history by becoming a “two-sport star.”MMA Fighting reported

“Claressa wants to be a two-sport star. In between fights, she did do some training, wrestling training, and some UFC-type training. Obviously, boxing is her domain, but Claressa has said she’d do a fight in boxing and a fight in the UFC with Amanda (Nunes),” Salita stated.

Claressa Shields
Boxer Claressa Shields poses for a portrait at the USOC Rio Olympics Shoot at Quixote Studios on Nov. 19, 2015. Getty

Shields first said last July that she’d be interested in meeting Nunes if they could agree to fight once in the boxing ring and once in the octagon. And with the video she just shared, this could be Shields’ way of telling everybody that she’s about walking the talk.

“We could do a boxing match and then I’d go over there,” Shields told The Sporting News.

"We could do a two-fight deal. I feel like she's a great in her sport. I'm the GWOAT (Greatest Woman of All Time) in my sport. Us just being competitive athletes, you always want to know, like, who's the baddest? Who's the best?” Shields added.