Shidea Lane, the woman who was delivered an uppercut to the face from bus driver Artis Hughes last week, spoke out about the feud seen in the viral video. Creative Commons

The day after a video of a bus driver in Cleveland giving a teenage girl an uppercut to the face went viral on the Internet, the Transit Authority announced it is investigating the incident and fired the driver.

According to the Cleveland Leader, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority spokesperson Mary Shaffer said the unnamed male bus driver will be terminated.

“We also saw the video today. Upon review, the driver was removed from duty and suspended. We are investigating,” she said.

The video, which was first posted on WorldHipHop.com, shows a young girl being attacked by the bus driver after she taunted him and got in his face. The physical altercation escalates after the girl calls his family names, prompting the driver to get out of his seat and give the girl an uppercut to the face.

Violence in the video continues on even to the point where the RTA driver chokes and pulls the girl’s hair. The bus driver then yells, “I don’t care. [If] she [wants] to be a man, I’ll treat you like a man” to which the girl responds, “Now you’re going to jail, b---h.”

The feud finally ends when a man walks in between the driver and the girl and the bus driver exits the bus before getting back into his seat.