Police Taser Gun
A Connecticut man died after being first Tasered by police and then sedated. Above, a representative of Taser International fires the company's X26 stun gun during a Police Federation Conference in Blackpool, England, May 16, 2007. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

A man died after being first Tasered by local police and then sedated in Hartford, Connecticut, Friday night, according to the Associated Press. The 26-year-old man allegedly became confrontational when emergency-medical-service personnel and a mobile crisis team responded to a report of a medical-psychological disturbance involving a 400-pound person at a home on Kelsey Street at about 8 p.m. EDT, police said.

They alleged that Matthew Russo became violent with the emergency personnel, which led to his being Tasered and sedated.

Russo then had difficulty breathing and was given immediate medical aid, according to police cited by AP. He was taken to Hartford Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Connecticut State Police agency began investigating Russo’s death Saturday morning. An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause and manner of his death.

Russo’s demise came the day after another American died following a police-involved Tasering: A man in Georgia suffered a fatal fall from a wall in the wake of a foot chase Thursday.