As the Aug. 26 super-fight gets closer, Conor McGregor is gaining more and more confidence that he’ll beat Floyd Mayweather. The UFC lightweight champion has scrapped his original prediction of a knockout within four rounds, vowing to stop the undefeated boxer within the bout’s first six minutes.

McGregor’s latest comments came with the ruling by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to allow the fighters to use eight-ounce gloves instead of 10-ounce gloves. Even though NSCA regulations require 10-ounce gloves for any bout above the welterweight limit of 147 pounds, an exception will be made for next week’s 154-pound fight.

“If we are in 8-ounce gloves, he will be floored multiple times in the first round,” McGregor told ESPN last week. “I believe first-round KO in 8-ounce gloves. The fact I can't follow through in MMA and pound the head into the canvas and there's a 10-count in boxing, maybe I'll give him second round. But 8-ounce gloves, he will be done in two.”

McGregor is used to fighting with four-ounce gloves in the UFC, and he made it clear during the press tour that 10-ounce gloves were too heavy for his liking. On Aug. 1, Mayweather announced on social media that he would have no trouble accommodating his opponent.

Using eight-ounce gloves is nothing new for Mayweather. It’s what he’s used in almost every one of his fights, with the one exception coming four years ago against Canelo Alvarez when he cruised to a victory at 152 pounds.

“I was already up 6 ounces from 4 to 10, so it's down a little bit from 10 to 8,” McGregor said during a media call Wednesday afternoon. “How often he's worn the gloves or any of that doesn't really factor into - I didn't even know that, for instance. So that didn't factor into my thoughts at all. I do not care about his record, I do not care about his achievements, every fight is on a fight by fight basis so that's how we approach it.”

The betting public seems to agree with McGregor that smaller gloves give him a better chance to win. His odds have improved to +325 with the latest news, via OddsShark, moving from +350 just a few days earlier. McGregor was a +500 underdog when the fight was announced on July 14.

McGregor became the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously by showcasing his knockout power. He stopped Jose Aldo in 13 seconds to win the UFC featherweight championship at UFC 194, and he needed less than two rounds to beat Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight championship 11 months later.

Conor McGregor UFC
Conor McGregor, pictured during a media workout at the UFC Performance Institute on Aug. 11, 2017 in Las Vegas, had predicted that he'll knock out Floyd Mayweather within two rounds. Getty Images

McGregor’s prediction of beating Mayweather within the first two rounds might be bold, though it’s in line with what he’s done as an MMA fighter. He’s won by knockout in six of his last eight fights, and none of those bouts have made it to the third round.

Next week, the UFC star will try to do the impossible. Not only has Mayweather never been beaten in 49 career fights, but he’s only suffered one official knockdown in his entire career.

Mayweather hasn’t knocked out a fighter since he defeated Victor Ortiz six years ago with a controversial knockout.