The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world, with the number of cases worldwide on Sunday passing 300,000. Nine countries have at least 100 deaths and 22 countries have at least 1,000 cases.

Here’s a list of countries which have been the hardest impacted by the virus.


The coronavirus originated in December at a seafood and animal market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. There have been at least 81,397 cases in China, with the majority of patients having recovered. The death toll is at least 3,265.

The outbreak caused the Chinese government to put millions of people on lockdown, but Beijing has since eased its restrictions, with life slowly returning to normal in parts of the country. The world's most populated nation is now implementing stringent screening procedures at international airports, in order to monitor possible cases coming in from abroad.


No country has faced a tougher crisis in recent weeks. There have been over 53,578 cases in Italy, with at least 4,825 deaths. Italy, which has an estimated population of 60 million, is on mandatory lockdown, with soldiers being drafted to enforce the rules.


There are at least 28,572 cases, with 1,720 people having died from the virus. Spain, which has roughly 46 million people, is on lockdown, with citizens only allowed to go grocery shopping or seek medical care.

United States

There are more than 29,235 cases of the virus, with the death toll approaching 350. New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut and California have shut down all non-essential businesses in order to slow the spread of the virus.


There are at least 23,921 cases, with the death toll at 92. The German government has banned all gatherings of more than two people to prevent community spread. "The consensus among experts is that 60% to 70% of the population will be infected as long as this remains the situation," Chancellor Angela Merkel said on March 11.


The hardest hit Middle East country, Iran has at least 21,638 cases, with a death toll of 1,685. Iran's leadership has refused help from the U.S., as it deals with the impact of economic sanctions. Iran has a population of about 83 million.