Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis:

After a rally on vaccine hopes and Joe Biden's election, Europe and Asia markets sink as investors fret that surging global infection and death rates could damage economic recovery.

The International Energy Agency cuts its 2020 global oil demand forecast, citing a resurgence of the pandemic. It expects full-year 2020 global oil demand to come in at 91.3 million barrels per day (mbpd) -- down by 8.8 mbpd compared with the drop of 8.4 mbpd given in last month's regular report.

Dubai-based Emirates airline posts its first loss in more than three decades, saying it has been badly hit by the lockdown that has brought air transport to "a literal standstill".

The virus has claimed at least 1,285,160 lives worldwide since it first emerged in China late last year, according to an AFP tally on Thursday at 1100 GMT based on official sources.

More than 52,151,589 cases have been registered across the globe.

The United States is the worst-affected country with 241,808 deaths, followed by Brazil with 163,373, India with 128,121, Mexico with 96,430 and the United Kingdom with 50,365 deaths.

Germany is seeing tentative signs that a surge in new cases may be easing, the head of the country's disease control agency says.

The key reproduction figure has fallen below 1 to 0.89, meaning that 100 people are infecting 89 others -- a sign that the new infections are falling.

Stock markets are down, deaths are up, and fans at the Tokyo Olympics next year may be asked to avoid cheering to prevent the virus spreading.
Stock markets are down, deaths are up, and fans at the Tokyo Olympics next year may be asked to avoid cheering to prevent the virus spreading. AFP / NICOLAS TUCAT

In the latest case among Donald Trump's administration, CNN and the New York Times report that political director Brian Jack received a positive diagnosis over the weekend, after he attended a November 3 election day event at the White House.

Another advisor also tested positive, according to the New York Times, but was not identified nor was it stated if the person attended election night events at the president's residence.

The Argentine government announces President Alberto Fernandez is self-isolating despite testing negative after coming into contact with a confirmed case.

The NFL's Minnesota Vikings say they will not bring fans back to their stadium this year as cases rise in the United States.

Organisers of the French Paris Peace Forum say several countries and foundations are set to pledge more than $500 million for a global pool aimed at ensuring equitable access to coronavirus tests, treatment and vaccines for all nations.

A top official says fans at the delayed Tokyo Olympics next year may be asked not to cheer to avoid the risk of spreading the virus following a test event where mask-wearing spectators, urged not to shout or cheer, confined themselves to polite applause and murmurs of approval.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen says his country will not go into lockdown, despite growing concerns after senior officials tested positive following a meeting with Hungary's foreign minister.

As a precaution, the government has closed entertainment venues such as karaoke bars, nightclubs, cinemas and museums nationwide.