• The number of positive cases of patients infected by the coronavirus is increasing
  • This has led government agencies from around the world to take necessary precautions
  • One advice given is to wear the special type N95 masks 

The latest report about coronavirus is that it has already claimed 56 lives since it was detected last month. Thousands are reported to have been infected with hundreds being added to that number every day.

The US has already confirmed approximately five cases of coronavirus infection on their soil. In the UK, tests performed on 31 people in the UK suspected of being infected have so far turned out to be negative. Nevertheless, England’s Chief Medical Officer is not discounting the fair chance that the UK may see a case sooner or later.

At present, officials are still in the process of tracking approximately 2,000 people who were reported to have arrived in the UK from Wuhan during the past couple of weeks. The Department of Health, in its advisory, said that as of January 25, a total of 31 persons had been tested for coronavirus in the UK. All 31 were confirmed to be free of the deadly virus. The Government Agency also said that there are no confirmed cases in the country or reports of any UK citizens abroad coming down with a coronavirus infection. The risk to the public at present is low.

n95 mask coronavirus
n95 mask coronavirus geralt - Pixabay

The Government Agency also said that UK health officials are closely monitoring the situation and continue to work with the international community and the World Health Organization. The approach of the Government towards the issue will be based on the advice and guidance of the Chief Medical Officer.

If ever there will be a coronavirus case in the UK, the Chief Medical Officer will immediately make the announcement and possible action to defend the rest of the population. To date, there are confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in ten countries outside of China. These include Australia, France, and the US.

The First Line of Defense

Medical experts recommend avoiding places where there are confirmed cases of coronavirus. If such cannot be done, it has also been suggested to wear disposable face masks to protect against deadly virus infection.

The question, however, of how effective are these masks always comes to mind. According to experts, these masks may help prevent the virus from spreading, but only if masks are worn correctly in the right conditions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised health workers caring for coronavirus patients to wear a sturdier type of mask. One such mask is the N95 respirator. It has been proven to filter out approximately 95% of pollutants.

According to Emory University School of Medicine assistant professor Marybeth Sexton, N95 masks are very effective. Wearing this mask type is necessary if you are in a place where you are highly exposed to various types of viruses like the N95. Since there is no confirmed case of coronavirus infection in the UK at the moment, it is unnecessary to wear N95 masks.