• Doctors warn of new symptoms that come with being infected with the Delta variant
  • The Delta variant is currently the leading strain in the United States
  • Health experts strongly advise the public to get vaccinated to lower the risk of hospitalization 

As hospitals continue to address a new surge of coronavirus infections, experts warn of new symptoms from the Delta variant that the public should look out for.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported a drastic increase in the number of people getting infected with the Delta strain of COVID-19. With most of the patients being young and unvaccinated, doctors are stressing that the highly contagious strain exhibits different symptoms than those of the original virus.

“The delta variant has slightly different symptoms compared to the original virus. You may not get the loss of taste & smell. The delta variant could cause issues like a cough, shortness of breath, a fever, body aches, congestion, and more. Please get tested if you have these,” Dr. George Monks, a dermatologist in Oklahoma, wrote on Twitter.

Health experts encourage the public to continue wearing face masks as the Delta variant is known to spread more easily and is even more deadly compared to all other strains of the virus. Without a test, people may go about unaware that they are already infected with COVID-19 and would only realize it once their symptoms have gotten worse, according to reports.

“This delta variant is more deadly than the original,” said Dr. Mary Clarke, Oklahoma State Medical Association President.

Doctors such as Monks advise people to get vaccinated as soon as they can to lessen the risk of getting hospitalized from COVID-19 and developing severe symptoms.

“If you are still hesitant or have some questions about the Covid vaccine, please talk to your physician. The Covid vaccine is safe and very effective at keeping you out of the hospital and keeping you alive. Getting Covid is risky,” Monks wrote.

"We have very little understanding of just how prevalent the Delta Variant is due to the very small and inadequate amount of variant testing being done at the State level," he insisted.

The Delta variant, also known as B.1.617.2, is now the dominant strain in the United States. According to The Washington Post, the Delta strain is 50% more contagious than the Alpha variant and is also more contagious.

A month-long lockdown has failed to stop a Delta-variant outbreak in New South Wales
A month-long lockdown has failed to stop a Delta-variant outbreak in New South Wales AFP / Saeed KHAN