EarthCARE Satellite To Probe How Clouds Affect Climate

Cloud can both protect Earth from the Sun's radiation or trap it in like a blanket, scientists say
Will clouds help cool or warm our world in the years ahead? The scientific community is eagerly awaiting this information so it can update climate models that estimate how quickly our world will warm, the ESA said.
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The equitable distribution of pandemic-related products such as vaccines has been at the heart of the pandemic agreement negotiations

Five Key Points In Proposed Pandemic Agreement

Countries are trying to finalise a global agreement on how to prepare for and avert pandemics by Friday evening, after two years of negotiations triggered by the horrors of Covid-19.
Meredith Whittaker said concerns about surveillance and those about AI were 'two framings of the same thing'

AI Relies On Mass Surveillance, Warns Signal Boss

The AI tools that crunch numbers, generate text and videos and find patterns in data rely on mass surveillance and exercise concerning control over our lives, the boss of encrypted messaging app Signal told AFP on Thursday.
The new protein is dubbed 'solein'

Finland's Wizards Making Food Out Of Thin Air

At a factory in Finland, the "farmers of the future" are making a new food protein by feeding a microbe air and electricity, proving that protein can be produced without traditional agriculture.


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