Cristiano Ronaldo's former teammate has revealed that the Portuguese superstar hates losing even during team practices.

More often than not, Ronaldo has won games all throughout his stellar career. But just like any other athlete, Ronaldo has also experienced losing. However, his Portugal teammate, Joao Mario, revealed that even though it’s quite normal for a soccer team to lose, Ronaldo doesn’t see it this way.

In a recent interview with CNN, Mario spoke about racism in soccer and his relationship with former teammate Ronaldo. Accodring to Mario, the legendary striker isn’t only a fantastic player but a good friend as well.

“It’s always amazing to share the pitch with him. He’s a fantastic football player. A good friend, a good teammate,” Mario said about Ronaldo.

Aside from enjoying Ronaldo’s company as a teammate, Mario stated that he also likes playing against the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner. The two soccer stars have had a fair share of wins and losses over each other. However, Mario noted that one thing Ronaldo dislikes the most is losing.

As per Mario, Ronaldo always strives to become better and he’s “never happy” whenever he loses even in training.

“He (Ronaldo) hates to lose you know, he’s like an animal inside of the pitch. He always like to do his best. He always like to do better. He always like to win,” Mario revealed.

“So when he lose even on the training on national team, he’s never happy,” Mario continued.

There was another landmark for Cristiano Ronaldo as he scored for Juventus in their 3-0 defeat of Bayer Leverkusen Cristiano Ronaldo Photo: AFP / Isabella BONOTTO

Just recently, Ronaldo proved that he is all about winning and is willing to go the extra mile for it. According to The Sun, after Juventus’ victory over Genoa, Ronaldo was accused of "blatant" and "disgraceful" diving after winning a last-gasp penalty.

The Juventus forward went down when Antonio Sanabria tried to shepherd him away from goal deep into injury time. Apparently, Ronaldo left his leg dangling and went tumbling to the ground as soon as he felt contact.

The referee pointed to the spot and VAR refused to overturn the decision. Moments later, the 34-year-old striker stepped up and smashed his 96th-minute penalty into the bottom corner to secure a 2-1 victory for the  Serie A champions.

Despite being victorious, Ronaldo got bashed on social media for going down too easily to win the vital spot kick. Some soccer fans believe that Ronaldo should be given a yellow card for the said act which apparently wasn’t the first time he pulled off.