• Cristiano Ronaldo was linked with City in 2021 summer
  • Ronaldo's first stint at Man Utd was from 2003 to 2009
  • He is currently in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he was "close" to joining Manchester City before re-signing with Manchester United last year.

Ronaldo shook the soccer fraternity earlier this week when he said he felt "betrayed" by Manchester United.

"Honestly, it was close," he said of a possible move to Manchester City.

Ronaldo moved from Juventus to Manchester United in the summer of 2021 – 11 years after he left the club to join Real Madrid. At the time, several reporters claimed Pep Guardiola was interested in securing Ronaldo's services.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo confirmed the transfer links with the Etihad side. He went on to add that he eventually decided to sign with his former club after speaking with his old boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

"As you know, my history in Manchester United, your heart, you're feeling the way that you did before, makes the difference. And of course, Sir Alex Ferguson. I spoke with him. He said to me, 'it's impossible for you to come to Manchester City'. And I say 'OK, boss,'" added Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is also not happy with Manchester United's current young players, criticizing their attitude and professionalism. The 37-year-old forward accused them of "not respecting" their older and more experienced teammates.

"Their hunger [is different]. I think they have things more easily, everything's easy, they don't suffer - and they don't care. I don't mean only a few in Manchester United, but all the teams in all leagues in the world, the youngsters are not the same of my generation. But you cannot blame them, because it's part of the life and the new generation, the new technologies that distract them," added Ronaldo.

The Portuguese soccer star went on to say that it was a bit of a shame that even though the young players at Manchester United hade the best examples in front of their eyes, they don't try to be like them.

Cristiano Ronaldo (centre) said he has "no respect" for Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag

"It's kind of weird because I remember when I was 18, 19, 20, I always looked to see the best players when Van Nistelrooy, Ferdinand, Roy Keane, and Giggs - this is why I have the success that I have, and longevity," Ronaldo said. "They don't care [about playing with me], some yes but most of them no. But for me, it's not surprising because they're not going to have longevity [in their] careers. It's impossible."

Ronaldo will miss Portugal's friendly fixture against Nigeria because of a stomach bug.