A man who sexually harassed a masseuse on a cruise ship has been identified as a priest from Alabama. The Catholic Church in Alabama also confirmed the accused was a local priest.

They said the allegations had been taken seriously but noted the persist himself has denied any wrongdoing. However, the Archdiocese declined to comment on the allegations against Rev. Amal Samy.

According to cruise news, federal court documents said Samy forced a woman massage technician to touch his genitals during a massage session onboard Carnival Fantasy ship in August this year.

Witnesses in the Carnival Cruises ship also said Samy repeatedly tried to touch the woman and later removed the sheet covering him and exposed himself nude to the woman.

However, when quizzed by investigators, Samy admitted he was naked underneath but denied removing the covering sheet.

The priest will be produced in court on Wednesday.

Massage aims the rejuvenation of body and spirit. But abuse of it as erotic message landed the cruise traveler in trouble. But companies like Massage Envy offer therapeutic massages with more than 35,000 personnel adept in stretch therapy.

Best cruise lines announced

Meanwhile, the U.S. News & World Report released the 2020 list of the best cruise lines and picked Royal Caribbean International as the best value for the money cruise line. Celebrity Cruises took the second spot while Norwegian Cruise Line came third.

According to the report, an “impressive list of amenities" such as zip lines and ice skating rinks, dining options, vast itineraries at affordable price points in cruise deals propelled Royal Caribbean to the top spot.

The survey studied 17 cruise lines and 176 ships and evaluated them on cruise ship quality, reputation, health assessments, price class, itinerary offerings and more.

In the matter of luxury, the top three are:

· Viking Ocean Cruises

· Seabourn Cruise Lines

· Crystal Cruises

Top 3 cruises for families

· Disney Cruise Line

· Royal Caribbean International

· Carnival Cruise Line

Top 3 for couples:

· Viking Ocean Cruises

· Seabourn Cruise Lines

· Crystal Cruises

The cruise industry has lost a veteran in the death of Edwin W. Stephan, founder of Royal Caribbean on Nov. 10. He was 87.

Carnival cruise ship
Passengers return to the Carnival cruise ship Victory prior to leaving port in Key West, Florida on Feb. 15, 2013. Getty Images

Stephan was the cruise line’s first president and served 27 years in that role. He retired in 2003. He played a big role in catapulting Royal Caribbean as a leading cruise brand.

Richard Fain, chairman, and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises said: “Ed Stephan started the company with a passion for innovation and two terms – passion and innovation – remain core to Royal Caribbean’s culture today.”