A non-stop, loud and rave music party on a cruise ship near Ibiza Island in Spain left the local community furious and they complained to the City Council and Port authorities over the disturbance.

The cruise ship Norwegian Pearl had docked for a 12-hour rave party on the party island.

According to cruise news, the ship was owned by Disco Cruise Liner and housed 3,000 party-goers.

“Who's ready for the first DJ in outer space? Make some noise!” screamed an announcer at the World Club Dome music event in Ibiza on Tuesday.

A stream of complaints from the residents said the cruise ship made a “din” in the Spanish town.

A furious resident said “it was noise, not music that what was reaching us. It ended midnight, at which time we could finally sleep at home.”

One local gentleman said the music just kept on getting louder and “more of a nuisance.”

The barrage of complaints forced the Ibiza council to take up the matter with the Port Authority.

Penalty likely for the cruise ship

Norwegian Pearl seemed to have violated rules which govern cruise liners when they dock at ports. The caution on excessive noise is one of the main factors requiring adherence.

The “around the clock” noise infuriated residents who said the music blared from noon to midnight.

Norwegian Pearl and organizers of the party may face fines over the complaints about noise and nuisance.

The Port Authority can impose fines on law-breaking cruise vessels. In 2017 Brilliance of the Seas cruise liner was fined for holding a noisy fiesta when in port.

The Port Authority in the Balearics did not comment on the complaints.

‘Musical din’ sets a milestone

But the music “din” also had a major milestone with an astronaut from the European Space Agency, Luca Parmitano playing an eleven-minute set from the space station.

The music was streamed to the main stage on the cruise ship.

Luca impressed with a slew of songs from his high perch on the International Space Station.

The 12-hour ship party had 3,000 clubbers under various cruise deals as the audience to enjoy the non-stop music.

Luca said the collision of two very different worlds was an opportunity for “more people to learn about the International Space Station.”

Cruise ship
A cruise ship is pictured in the Marseille harbor on September 20, 2012. Gerard Julien/AFP/GettyImages)

Before the first song, the space DJ said, “ I am no DJ, but trying to put myself out of my comfort zone.”

Leveraging the microgravity environment, the astronaut performed floating sideways and upside down. He delivered the mixes to the exhilarated crowd who clapped in joy.

The event's website had given an ecstatic description of the novel cruise:

“The only Club on Ibiza that will be open “around the clock” adding that “waving flags on the top deck, the BigCityBeats Club Hotel will sail into Ibiza’s port, where the Norwegian Pearl will be the biggest hotel in the Balearic Islands for two days.”

World Club Dome also beamed the music show live on Facebook.