Marijuana Plants
Pictured are a plethora of marijuana plants. Reuters

Marijuana is now legal for medical treatment in the Czech Republic after Czech President Vaclav Klause signed the measure into law on Friday.

The law had been approved by the country's two houses of Parliament, the AP reported. It will allow marijuana to be imported and eventually grown domestically by licensed growing firms -- which had been illegal until Friday.

According the AP, patients will be able to fill their medical marijuana prescriptions at pharmacies, but the drug won't be covered by medical insurance -- and patients are not allowed to grow the plants privately in their own homes.

Medical marijuana is often used to treat conditions arising from cancer, AIDS, chronic pain and other illnesses. It's legal in several EU countries and states in the U.S., including Washington and Colorado, which also approved recreational use of marijuana in 2012. On Thursday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the city.