Daniel Bryan finally completed his turn to babyface following an unusual alliance with WWE rival Roman Reigns. Both took on the reunited duo of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper where Bryant and Reigns were the obvious favorites being two former WWE champions.

But with the encounter using Tornado tag rules, anything could happen - including possible accidental contacts from inadvertent wrestling moves. It would also be best to note both were trying to co-exist for the first time in an actual match where everything went well, WWE.com reported.

Despite being favorites, both first tried to use their respective moves to wear down their opponents. But in the end, they needed clockwork to execute their finishers and get the victory. Both focused on Harper with Reigns first hitting him with a Superman Punch after which Bryan followed it up with a Running Knee. The Big Dog would ice the match with a spear on Harper.

With the match over, most knew that both had too much pride in them for a post-fight handshake. Reigns did extend his hand where Bryan seemed initially reluctant. To the surprise of many, The Beard did one better and gave The Big Dog a hug. That hug practically sealed the turn of Bryan into a babyface once more after months of being a heel.

In a report from Wrestling News, it was actually Bryan who asked to be a heel on November 2018. He was pushing the idea of going heel for unspecified reasons although it was meant to help the WWE get the needed boost. And somehow it appeared to work. Now almost a year later, it appears the former WWE champion is ready to revert to his old way as a babyface.

Looking ahead, it would not come as a surprise if Reigns and Bryan continue to team up and take aim at the WWE tag team titles. Michael Cole may have hit something when he said that both made a pretty good team. Both provide the WWE a lot of flexibility since both can compete solo or a team.

In fact, both could even do both with an alliance. Several WWE factions did it in the past and the two can certainly do it. This is if the WWE Universe wants to see them as a team moving forward until such time the creative team feels it would be better for them to go separate ways.