David Golson, the man who was accused of swiping a Snickers bar from a Brooklyn 7-Eleven last year and was stripped, bitten and detained by store employees, is suing the Flatbush establishment and the building owners in a lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court.

Video of Golson having his clothes torn off and a clerk biting him was posted to YouTube after the Oct. 20, 2012, incident.

In court papers, Golson is suing 7-Eleven, Junaid Raza and building owner Fulton Dekalb Inc., according to Courthouse News. The lawsuit claims assault and battery and negligence, among other offenses, and alleges that Golson “suffered bruising, bite marks and was caused physical pain.”

"Despite his repeated requests to be released and his claims of innocence, defendants through its employees pulled, hit, bit and stripped plaintiff of almost all of his clothes with the exception of his underpants, shoes and socks,” the lawsuit states, according to Courthouse News. "All of this was being recorded on the store's video surveillance camera, which shows that plaintiff was not resisting but merely pleading to be released even as his clothes were being torn off of his body."

The suit claims Golson was the victim of a “violent, unprovoked and widely publicized assault by ... three employees, who beat, stripped, bit and restrained plaintiff, accusing him of stealing goods while he screamed that he was innocent."

In the YouTube video that went viral, which can be viewed below, Golson repeatedly says, “I don’t have nothing.” Witnesses are also heard commenting on the situation, with one man saying, “Somebody, call the police. This is ridiculous – for some damn Snickers? For some Snickers. This n***** has no clothes on … he don’t even have pants. This s*** better be a million dollars.”

Golson claims in his lawsuit that the video and news coverage of the incident “have caused plaintiff to suffer severe humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress from which he may never recover."